What to avoid when you’re suffering from piles? 

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What to avoid when you’re suffering from piles? 

Piles is a very painful disease which can irritate people no end. Things become topsy-turvy for people who suffer from piles. The blood vessels gets swollen and the anus starts bleeding which restricts the smooth bowel movements, which in turn, causes extreme pain and difficulty and discomfort. 

They are either internal or external – internal means inside the anus and external means near the skin which is around anus. Some things ought to be avoided to stave off the worst picture of piles. 

Avoid extreme workout 

Do not lift or push heavy objects. Granted, exercising is good for health but doing extra physical work can lead to serious problems. The area around anus gets worse due to extra pressure. So do not exert yourself. Do something moderate that can leave you both satisfied and comfortable. 

Refrain from itching 

As we all know, piles is a very traumatic disease, so it is better you do not scratch anything. Itching does take place around the area of anus but you should avoid touching that area as it can increase the intensity of the pain. 

Cut down caffeine 

Dial down the consumption of caffeine in your diet. Caffeine causes dehydration and can cause constipation. So, try to avoid coffee or cola drinks as these can irk your stomach activities. 

Bad Hygienic Habits

A bad hygiene can aggravate piles and add to your cramps and stiffness. You should daily take a bath in warm water. Please remember not to rub the anal area with cloth or toilet paper because it can cause irritation and rashes. Ladies, please use sanitary pads that are made for sensitive skin to avoid any burning sensation and skin rashes.

Ditch stress 

Take a break from tensions and stress. Stress is the root of all evils. Stress causes inactivity by which we develop a habit of sitting. Active lifestyle can cure piles a great deal. Walking is very essential as it relieves the pain. 

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