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Piles hardly needs any introduction. You might not have suffered from this condition but must have heard of it. Heard and talked about on daily basis, it is a condition which leads to pain and discomfort. Daily activities become a mammoth task and life becomes adverse. It happens when the veins and the blood vessels in the anus becomes swollen and inflamed. The “best piles doctor in Delhi” guides the patients about the treatment and nature of treatment.

Usually, piles is caused in people who are above the age of 40. However, there is no particular age is which the person is affected as it can occur at any age. The food habits and lifestyle of people goes to play a huge role affecting the lives of people today. However, there is no causes known as yet for piles. It is though thought to be caused by obesity, chronic constipation, straining when passing a stool, lifting heavy weights, sedentary lifestyle, inadequate intake of fluids, heredity, expectancy, etc.

Treatment given by the best piles doctor in Delhi

For every degree of piles, there is different treatment given by the surgeon. No two patients are alike, and therefore, their treatment is not same and varies as per the symptoms shown by them. Some of the signs shown by the piles patients are anal bleeding, pain, discomfort, pain during the passing of stool, fecal incontinence, mucous discharge from the anus, swelling or lump near the anus, red and sore area around the anus, anal itching, etc. The internal piles which cannot be seen or felt result in bright red bleeding. There are four grades of piles according to which the treatment is given. The mild cases like Grade1 and Grade2 can be dealt with medications and incorporating changes in life. Patients who do not improve needs surgical treatment. This occurs in case of patients who reel under the pain of Grade3 and Grade4. Surgical intervention becomes necessary in severe cases. Hemorrhoidectomy, banding, stapling treatment, infrared coagulation are some of the treatments done by the doctor.

Dr. Ashish Bhanot also provides the homeopathic treatment for piles in Delhi at AUM Clinics, Dwarka. Some patients prefer it, therefore, the doctor doles out certain homeopathic medicines along with lifestyle changes. Also, a 30-minute walk daily is recommended along with including copious amount of fibers and fluids in one’s diet.

Reach AUM Clinics to avail the best treatment from the ‘best piles doctor in Delhi’. Waste no more minute and rush to the clinic to get rid of the painful condition.

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