How You Can Diagnose Hemorrhoids At Home?

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Hemorrhoids are essentially inflamed veins in the rectum or anus that causes discomfort, pain and bleeding. This is a very common condition with more than 10 million cases in India per year. It is usually caused by obesity, straining during bowel movements or pregnancy. This is not that serious condition but once it becomes chronic it can last for years or lifetime. So once diagnosed you should visit a doctor for its treatment. And why go anywhere, just consult with thebest hemorrhoid doctor in Delhi.
This condition is very much self-diagnosable, but how to diagnose it? Diagnosis of any condition is done by studying its symptoms. Check out the below given symptoms and know for sure whether you suffer from it or not.
Common symptoms of Hemorrhoids
Painless bleeding is the most common symptom seen in almost all patients suffering from hemorrhoids.
There are mainly two types of hemorrhoids and symptoms for both are mentioned below:
 External hemorrhoids
• Pain and discomfort is very often experienced
• Significant swelling can be observed around the anus
• Constant itching in the anal region
• Painless bleeding im
s a very prominent sympto
 Internal hemorrhoids
• Relatively less discomfort than the externalhemorrhoids
• Painless bleeding is observed, same as external hemorrhoids
Constipation is another symptom usually seen in patients with hemorrhoids. But sometimes if the condition is severe then bleeding is observed along with throbbing pain.
If you are noticing, most of the above-mentioned symptoms then it is most likely that you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Hence, it can be easily self-diagnosed.
Where to go for hemorrhoid treatment?
Once you diagnose that you are suffering from haemorrhoids then you should immediately consult a doctor for the treatment. You must visit Aum Clinics for hemorrhoid treatment as thereyou can be sure that you will get the best possible treatment. Here you can consult with the best hemorrhoid doctor in Delhi.Dr.AshishBhanot is among the top-most doctors of India for hemorrhoid treatment.

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