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Even the name ‘piles’ is enough to understand the difficulty of a man suffering from this disease. There are many hospitals for piles surgery in delhi where one can find good doctors who treat the disease perfectly. But one should know (& even doctors will refer) natural and home remedies have their own stand in fighting with this disease.

Here are some home remedies and natural ways that work against piles.

Aloe Vera – You don’t have a need to make any complex mixture. Simply apply the aloe vera gel on the affected area and you will get a relief from symptoms.

Witch Hazel – Soak cotton with witch hazel. Apply it to the affected area and repeat it twice or thrice in a day.

Coconut oil – Regularly apply coconut oil to the affected area. In addition to a relief in symptoms, the pile should also disappear gradually with the time.

Regular exercise & weight loss – Strain while passing a stool is one of the biggest problems in piles, and obesity can worsen the situation by putting an extra strain on the muscles. So, do regular exercise and if you are fat then try to control and then reduce it.

Hydrate – As much as possible!! Yes, keep yourself hydrated. Drink more liquid, water and eat food ingredients with fibres. It helps the body in performing its normal daily functions.

Some other suggestions

–    If you rinse the affected area with warm water for 10-15 minutes every day, it will greatly help you to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain.

–    Keep the area clean and take bath every day otherwise it may worsen the situation as it can give rise to infection.

–    Try ice packs or cold compresses for a relief in swelling.

These natural and home remedies will help you cope with the situation but complete treatment is also necessary. So, never become careless if you see any improvements as this can be temporary. Follow the instructions of your doctor to get rid of the disease completely.

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