How can I avoid surgery for piles?

Yes Early stage because stage 1 & 2 of piles can be treated without surgery or operation by OPD procedures like Infra-Red Beam Coagulation, Suction Banding, Special Injection Sclerotherapy. These procedures do not need admission to hospital, no anesthesia, no cutting, no bleeding, no pain and take not more than 10 minutes. Piles treatment without surgery is possible in early stages

Diet for Piles and Fistula Patients

Fiber is needed to prevent constipation. High fiber foods increase intestinal peristalsis & promote the expulsion of stool, which, at the same time, becomes much softer so it does not damage the walls of anus & veins of this area. Moreover, by means of facilitating evacuation, Fiber can avoid exerting excessive force to expel feces, so anus veins do not get so much stressed.

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Stapler Piles surgery, MIPH- Stapled Haemorroidectomy