Sitz bath for Piles!

 In Piles

You do not need to take a full bath for this procedure, you can take
a small bathtub and bathe your lower parts, it is soothing and cleanses 
the areas with minimal pressures, it is a bottom bathing procedure 
which can be done with the upper body clothes on.

This bath can provide a relief in your genital area because it is a warm,
and shallow bath that cleanses the perineum i.e a space between
the rectum and the scrotum or vulva, it can also be used for everyday
personal hygiene, in this kind of bath a person sits in water up to the

There is a very little risk factor because it is a non-invasive treatment
The common infections are of the perineum but are also rare,
caring for surgical wounds can be a factor for this, it may also occur
if your bathtub is not cleaned thoroughly.

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