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Piles is the swelling and inflammation of the blood vessels. Also called hemorrhoids, it is treated by Dr. Ashish Bhanot. Piles are of two kinds, both internal and external. The ones which are painless and result in bright red bleeding while defecating are called internal piles while the ones which are painful are known as external piles. The painless piles occur above the opening of the anus between 2cm to 4cm. The painful piles, i.e. external piles are located on the outer edge of the anus. The banding treatment for piles in delhi is done by Dr. Bhanot along with many other treatments.

People suffering from piles show symptoms like infection, anal fistula, itchy and swollen area around anus, anal bleeding, painful lumps around anus, pain while passing of a stool, etc. There are four grades of piles. Patients with Grade 3 and Grade 4 require surgery. In other cases, lifestyle changes, exercising, change in food habits is recommended to do away with piles.

Dispense with piles with the help of banding treatment for piles in delhi

The doctor treats piles depending on the nature of the piles. Also, the signs and symptoms matter a great deal in treating piles. Aum Clinics gives various types of treatment and is one of the best piles treatment hospitals. The atmosphere and staff at the clinic is very supportive and friendly. One need not feel hesitant at all discussing one’s case in detail with Dr. Ashish Bhanot and his team of doctors. Banding treatment for piles in delhi is also done at the clinic where rubber band is applied to the base of the hemorrhoid. When hemorrhoid falls, there is bleeding from the anus after the surgery which is quite normal.

DGHAL for piles is also done by Dr. Ashish Bhanot. DGHAL is Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation. The surgery is performed on a patient under general anesthesia. The blood supply to the piles is cut off in this procedure. It is done with the help of stitch around the blood vessel. Subsequently, piles tends to go away after few weeks or a month. Also, a miniature ultrasound device is used in the surgery by Dr. Ashish Bhanot in order to place the blood vessel supplying the hemorrhoids.

So be it any surgery, banding treatment for piles in delhi, DGHAL treatment, lifestyle advice or home remedies, head to Aum Clinics at Dwarka to get rid of piles and the pain and discomfort that comes along with it naturally.

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