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A painful condition which causes a lot more than discomfort is something we all want to get rid of. People who suffer from piles have the same notion. The condition in which the veins and vascular structures swell and get inflamed in the anal canal or around the rectum is called piles. Depending on the degree of the the piles the patient suffers from, the treatment is given. Haemorrhoids piles surgery in Delhi works wonders for the patients who bear the brunt of the fourth degree of piles.

There are four grades of piles which decide the nature of the treatment. The first and second grade of piles can be treated with conservative and traditional methods as they are small inflammations. Whereas patients who have third or fourth degree of piles do not show any improvement with the traditional methods and therefore require surgery, grade four piles in particular. These piles cannot be pushed back, and hence they are serious.

Haemorrhoids piles surgery in Delhi at AUM Clinics

Internal piles and external piles are the two kinds of piles. Internal piles are usually painless and cause bleeding whereas external piles are located under the skin where there are pain-sensing nerves. They are excruciatingly painful and cause bleeding as well. Internal piles are caused by the enlargement and swelling of blood vessels. On the other hand, external piles are caused by the increased pressure which is caused by obesity, pregnancy, prolonged standing, coughing, vomiting, etc.

Dr. Ashish Bhanot is an experienced surgeon who analyzes the case of his each patient in detail and then provides suggestions and recommendations. Mild cases are advised to take care of their diet and add fibers regularly to facilitate the smooth and soft bowels. Lifestyle changes are must for the patients in order to get rid of piles. Piles not only causes bleeding, pain and discomfort but causes infection, anal itching, swelling, fecal incontinence, lump around the anus, etc. Therefore, one must take care of one’s diet and change one’s lifestyle. Exercise must be done regularly by the patients.

Haemorrhoids piles surgery in Delhi is done at last when all other treatments fail completely and show no improvement in the patients. Banding, stapling, haemorrhoidectomy, etc. are done to surgically treat the condition of piles so that they can do away with the intense pain and trouble.

So, make it snappy and rush to AUM Clinics for the best haemorrhoids piles treatment in Delhi

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