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Piles is a problem heard by us on regular basis. There are different grades of piles which determine the nature of treatment. There are four degrees or grades of piles which people suffer from. The first and second degree are the mild cases which can be pushed back and treated with conservative methods. People suffer from two kinds of piles – internal piles and external piles. IRC treatment for piles in Delhi is given to the patients at Aum Clinics by Dr. Ashish Bhanot.

This treatment is done specifically for internal piles. Infrared beam coagulation treatment is IRC treatment, done by an eminent surgeon, Dr. Ashish Bhanot, known for his experience, knowledge and qualification. It is non-invasive treatment used for treating internal piles. There are two kinds of piles- internal and external. External piles are painful, probably this is the grade of third and fourth degree of piles. Internal piles, on the other hand, are painless but cause bleeding and discomfort. IRC treatment for piles in Delhi can come to the rescue of patients undergoing the trouble of internal piles.

IRC treatment for piles in Delhi for treating internal piles

The accumulation of inflamed and swollen tissues in the anal canal is known as piles. Stapler treatment for piles is also done to the patients who suffer from third degree piles and fourth degree piles that are serious. The mild cases which can be treated with home remedies and some lifestyle changes are first and second degree cases. However, cases which cannot treated with traditional methods need a treatment and surgery.

The cushions of piles are pulled into the normal position and the ring of the piles tissue is cut off by the stapler in the stapler treatment.

In order to know the stapler treatment for piles cost in Delhi, get in touch with Dr. Ashish Bhanot at Aum Clinics. Patients often have mixed thoughts and doubts regarding the treatment, and it is but natural. If you are looking for IRC treatment for piles in Delhi for the internal piles that are a matter of concern and stress for you, head to the clinic. However, a supportive environment exists in Aum Clinics where the patients can share their condition and problems with the doctor without any hiccups or reluctance.

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