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Piles is a common condition heard by us on daily basis. You must have heard of some suffering from piles who bear the brunt of pain and discomfort. Also, embarrassment which is but natural. This also results in hesitation in discussion with the doctor. It usually occurs in people who are old and who have a diet less in fibers. However, the exact cause is yet to be known till today. In order to get rid of pain, get the laser treatment for piles in Delhi which is given at AUM Clinics by a renowned surgeon, Dr. Ashish Bhanot.

The patients who suffer from piles go through a lot of pain which is excruciating of they happen to suffer from external piles which result in both bleeding and pain. Veins and blood vessels get enlarged and become swollen. Piles, also called, haemorrhoids, is caused by constipation, chronic diarrhoea, though heredity also has a great role to play. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, expectancy, lifting heavy objects, old age, etc. are some other causes which increases the risk of piles in people. AUM Clinics is indeed the best clinic for piles in Delhi where people can get rid of the annoying and painful condition.

Laser treatment for piles in Delhi for the patients

The doctor recommends medications and lifestyle changes which are must and effective as well. One must reduce one’s weight and avoid spicy and large meals which only aggravate the condition. Obesity is also one of the causes of piles which needs to be treated. Exercising, workout is must as it helps in reducing the levels of blood pressure and helps in staving off constipation to a great extent. Diet full of liquids and fiber is must for the patients of piles.

Laser treatment for piles in Delhi is used in the cases when the condition cannot be treated with home remedies and medications. There are four degrees of piles, each degree has its own effect and symptoms. However, third and fourth degree piles can cause immense pain and conservative ways do not yield any result in such cases. This is where treatment comes in picture. In order to do away with piles, head to AUM clinics and get treated without any pain by Dr. Ashish Bhanot.

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