What should be your lifestyle if you are suffering from piles? 

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The swelling of veins in the anus is called piles. In order to get rid of discomfort and stress, a healthy way of life should be chosen so that one can live a painless and tension free moments. All you need to do is take care of basic things in life. The little things have a great impact, and if followed can help you relax and heal. 

Do not shun the causes of piles. There are many causes like obesity, sedentary lifestyle, liver disease, constipation, diarrhea, etc which should never be ignored. People must take care of their health and be aware of the consequences what it can lead to. 

Sitz bath is bath with warm water. The buttocks of the person are immersed in warm water in this bath. Such bath lessens irritation to a great extent and dial up the flow of blood. Keep your anal area neat and clean and refrain from using soap as the results can be deadly serious which can cause irritation and rashes to the affected area. 

Consult doctor and do not ignore the symptoms that can lead to worse conditions. The doctors can analyse the stage of your piles and suggest the cure for it. Also, the medicated creams should be used in that they can cure the pain, itching and irritation. 

It is important to go see a doctor as he or she can evaluate if you require a surgery or not. Sometimes, a surgery is needed in cases like hernia strangulation, etc. So when home therapies and remedies do not yield results, go see a doctor. 

The digestive system can play an important role in treating piles. Drink fluids and lots of water. Water helps in healing and quick recovery as it helps the digest food. Plus there will be no difficulty in the movements of bowels. Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in water content and fibre. Include whole grain breads, cereals, brown rice, green vegetables in your diet. Stay away from foods that can cause dehydration, like caffeine. 

Wear undergarments that permit free passage of air. Do not wear silk or rough fabric. Wear simple, breathable cotton undergarments which do not cause irritation. Also, do not let chemicals come in contact with the affected area. The perfumed products can worsen the situation. 

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