How to overcome the sudden burst of piles?

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There comes a time when you are hit by abrupt burst of hemorrhoids. It can be excruciatingly painful when the anus bleeds and blood vessels get swollen. However, a little care on your own can help comfort the pain and ease out things for you. 

First things first. Whatever you eat directly influences your bowel movements. Make sure your diet is replete with fibre. Consumption of fibres regularly is a must. It helps to lessen the pain you go through the sudden onslaught of the painful piles. Increase in fibre in your meal can minify bleeding and allow smooth, easy and painless bowel movements. 

Never postpone your bowel movements. Just straightaway rush whenever you feel like. Shelving can add insult to the injury. It can cause constipation which worsens the piles all the more. 

Do not unnecessarily get stressed over the trifles. Live with a free, open mind. Anxiety and apprehensiveness can cause troubles. 

Whenever you take any medicines or pills or any balm, just consult your doctor before doing anything. The wrong medicines can result in bad condition. Go for a sitz bath and relax yourself in a tub full of warm water. This bath should be taken at least twice a day. 

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