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Piles is a common condition seen in many people. Chances are you have heard of it in your family or maybe from relatives. A condition that not only perturbs people but becomes a nuisance which people want to get rid of immediately. There are many treatments which people look for but not every treatment yields result. Some patients who have third or fourth grade of piles cannot do away with piles with mere medications. Therefore, surgeries are opted by the patients and recommended by the doctors. Piles surgery in Delhi is done by a renowned surgeon, Dr. Ashish Bhanot, known for his successful surgeries.

Internal piles result in bright red bleeding whereas external piles result in pain as well as bleeding. Treatment for both kinds of piles is given by Dr. Bhanot. Haemorrhoids piles surgery in Delhi is done by him to the patients who are subjected to excruciating pain and discomfort.

Piles surgery in Delhi to treat piles at AUM Clinics

Yes, diet plays a huge role but only in cases that can be treated without surgery. Based upon the degree or grade of piles, treatment is given to the patients. It is noticed that some piles patients get well soon only with the help of some medicines and ayurvedic treatment. Whereas some cannot so much as reduce their pain, leave alone the entire condition. Medications, ayurveda and home remedies work in first and second degree piles in which hemorrhoids can be pushed back.

Diet rich in fibers and regular exercise can be a great solution for mild cases of piles and can also reduced the risk of occurrence of piles. In addition, body weight should be also maintained so as to lessen the extremity and incidence of piles.

Whereas in third and fourth degree piles, surgery becomes necessary. IRC (infrared coagulation) treatment, banding and stapling treatment are some of the surgical procedures used by the doctor in such cases. It is at AUM Clinics, Dwarka that piles surgery in Delhi when the dietary plan and medications go for a toss.

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