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Pile is a disease which causes less pain for many but it is just a nightmare for almost half of the population. It causes itchiness, unbearable and people spend sleepless nights and it takes a long time to heal. This problem takes place in such a region of the human body of which the person is unable to discuss and show the same. Though it is difficult to discuss this problem with every individual the person should be well aware of this disease. The knowledge of this disease can help to cure the problem to some extent and the rest will be taken care of by the doctor Dr  Ashish Bhanot who gives piles surgery in Delhi.

We discussed the disease called piles but what it is exactly?

Pile is basically swellings which occur inside and around the back passage which is known as anus and the anal canal. They are also known as hemorrhoids.

Know more about Piles and its treatment

The piles occur in the rectal region but it is of types occurring in the same region. The two types are internal piles and external piles. In internal piles, the swelling part occurs 2 to 3 inside the anus in the upper part of the anal canal. They are basically painless but require treatment on time. The external piles are caused in the lower part of the anal canal. In the case of external piles, it comes in contact with the external forces thus are very painful. Mostly both the types of piles to different but sometimes it may occur simultaneously to a single individual and it becomes very uncomfortable.
The reasons for the occurrence of the piles are still not clear after many types of research by the doctors some reasons have been found. Some of the reasons for the piles discovered are constipation, pregnancy, hereditary factors, and aging.
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