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A terribly annoying disease which has enough qualifications to be categorized as a nightmare. Unbearable pain, irritating irritation, sleepless nights, takes a long time to heal and many more things that are sufficient to be afraid of this disease. Well, if you are encountering this problem then we would like to say that finding best clinic for piles can be the first step to fighting this disease. But besides that you should also be aware of various aspects of piles as awareness is the strongest shield to protect yourself from any disease and this shield can be constructed by the raw material of knowledge only.

Let’s try to know this disease in a better way –

What are piles??

Also known as haemorrhoids, piles are basically swellings which can occur inside and also around the back passage which is known as anus and the anal canal.

Types of piles

The piles are of two types – Internal piles & external piles.

Internal piles form 2-3 cm inside the anus in the upper part of anal canal. This type is painless as there are no pain nerve fibres in the upper canal.

External piles form in the lower part of the anal canal.

Some people may get internal, external piles together at the same time.

What causes piles ??

Although there is not much clarity on what exactly causes haemorrhoids. Anything which causes a strain around the anus or the upper canal can cause piles. There are few things which can be counted as the reasons such as –

Constipation – This increases pressure on the veins. Passing large stools and that too with difficulty puts extreme strain on the muscles around anus & anal canal which in turn invites piles disease.

Pregnancy – In pregnancy the baby lie above the rectum & anus which causes strain in veins besides hormonal changes can also cause the disease.

Hereditary factors – Few people may get the weakness of wall of the veins as heredity, which makes them prone to this disease.

Ageing – The tissues we have in the lining of anus become less supportive with increasing age.

How to spot the disease?

There are few symptoms which tell about the presence of the trouble. Such as –

–    The most common symptom is bleeding while passing stool.  The blood is commonly bright red in color.

–    Haemorrhoid can be felt even outside of the anus.

–    Small internal piles are commonly painless but larger piles may cause some pain, itching & irritation.

You know what? When it comes to piles the most painful thing is PAIN, which seems unstoppable. So, consume as much water as you can and keep yourself active by doing regular exercise. Last but not the least, as we know piles is a result of strain on the anus and the upper canal, so try to control your weight as obesity is also another cause that puts a burden on the muscles around anus & upper canal.  Besides, the moment you detect any of the symptoms of piles, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Otherwise, if it becomes worst, it will keep you entangled in a much more severe situation for looooong.

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