Stress can be a silent initiator for Piles!

 In Piles

A lot of people deal with piles due to stress, since they have a schedule that is
clearly stressful, they often don’t have proper eating habits and develop mental
tensions and emotional stress, it can lead to affecting the autonomic nervous system
which helps in fighting or run for life.
A disturbed bowel movement can be difficult to handle and is associated with
anxiety, the stress from anxiety alter hormones, changes digestion speed
and puts a lot of pressures on the intestines, Stress that is chronic and sporadic
can disturb regular bowel movements and can cause constipation and is the
initial problem for piles.

There are ways that can help you with Piles which are caused by stress and one
of them is eating healthy, there are also treatments and medicines available
but the best way to treat these kind of piles is to opt for the Ayurvedic piles
Treatment because it deals with different aspects of human life and it helps people
live longer as well.

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